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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

May 1, 2022

A solo show this week, in which I explore Ani.Mystic now that it's about two months out from launch, and how it has been immensely helpful in coming to terms with Mexican and explicitly Mayan sense making.

As I have basically been travelling since the thing came out, I've been remiss in sharing some of the shows that have kindly had me on to discuss the book.

So let that be your show notes for this week. Each episode is remarkably, remarkably different in a way that shows I've done for Star.Ships or The Chaos Protocols or Pieces of Eight weren't. And I genuinely think that's down to the material in the book.

Which means, if you are so inclined, you have hours of material to enjoy! (And hopefully that makes up for the travel-based radio silence.)

This week's solo show is the audio of my presentation and discussion with the guys from Watkins -the most recent discussion of the book- for reasons spelled out in the opening of the episode.

Show Notes