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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Nov 30, 2016

Episode 52!

That means the podcast has been running -without interruption- for a whole year. If you've never done it before, you may be unaware of why I am quietly quite proud of this achievement.

If you have done it before -but not in a year where you secretly moved across the world and lived first in a house with no furniture, then an AirBnB, then lived without a fixed address for two months- well... look into it. It's not that bad. (Ha! Definitely do not do this. Fishing around in several suitcases for a microphone to setup on a bedside dresser in your brother's apartment while keeping Peter Levenda waiting. Yeesh.)

To celebrate, the obvious guest choice is guest number one, Peter Grey -this time dramatically improved with the addition of Alkistis to the discussion. And given that the show is about milestones, it seems the best thing to talk about is the year that was, as well as where magic is going in 2017.

Thank you all so much for listening. Roll on, Year 2!

Show Notes