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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

May 31, 2017

This week the singular polymath behind The Secret Sun -Christopher Knowles- returns to the show to review and dissect Ridley Scott's Alien Covenant.

Naturally that means the show contains quite a few spoilers if you have yet to catch the film. Although I would point out it is actually very difficult to spoil the plot of an Alien film:

  1. Humans encounter xenomorphs
  2. Most of them are gruesomely killed by xenomorphs
  3. A couple of them escape by the skin of their teeth
  4. No one turns out to be a ghost the whole time

Inevitably, the discussion ranges far and wide over the presence of 'Ancient Alien Theory' (AAT) in popular culture over the last six decades and what that might portend.

So yes. A great chat. Listen now, listen after you see the film. It's all good.

Show Notes

Why, The Secret Sun, of course.