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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Nov 19, 2021

A bumper episode this week and a veritable romp through the Fortune's Fools project as the finish line appears over the horizon.

I was told going into a project like this that it would show up in your life in strange ways: seeing a cardiologist the week of the Heart card, having a friend lose is eyebrow ring at your house the week of the Ring card, taking ayahuasca the week of the Tree card.

None of these things were planned out beforehand but if you read cards, you know these things tend to happen. They just seem a little extra when you're creating a deck.

So artist extraordinaire Colin Alexander returns to the show in order to reminisce and commiserate on this wacky journey so far.

This episode will probably work better as a video, but it still works audio only, especially if you want to download this large image of all the cards we discuss in the episode. Otherwise you can jump over to YouTube and watch it there.


Show Notes