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Jul 22, 2022

The one and only Matawhero Lloyd returns to the show this week. More specifically, while I am in New Zealand, I returned to Whetu Ariki to spend some time with Matawhero and to see what’s been happening with his pā project over the past couple of years. This is a project many of you will be familiar with from Ani.Mystic, where it gets a whole chapter of its own.

I’m releasing this one as an audio version as well as the video tour because -while I definitely think you should actually watch it so you can put images to the words- Matawhero goes really deep on Maori metaphysics, indigenous philosophy and all kinds of powerful topics. So there’s still a lot to pick up just in the conversation.

But if you do want to watch it, jump over to YouTube and watch it there.


Show Notes