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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Nov 4, 2023

Legendary co-originator of permaculture, David Holmgren, returns to the show this week on the ery special occasion of the launch of the feature-length documentary, Reading Landscape.

In the show notes below, you will find the link and the password to watch the full documentary for free.

Please share it widely with anyone who may be interested, with the blessing of the producers.

David and I discuss

  • The development of the film
  • What is meant by 'landscape'
  • What is meant by 'reading'
  • What has changed in permaculture over the decades
  • Learning from Indigenous teachers in Australia and New Zealand

And a whole lot more. It was a personal pleasure to be involved in the financing of this film as an individual and during my tenure at Permaculture Tasmania.

Show Notes



Use the Password: Melliodora