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Learning Magic and Animism in a Global Context -

Nov 15, 2021

Continuing our whistle-stop tour of classic blog series, this time we revisit a term I lifted from the (pre-cancelled) Joss Whedon film, Serenity.

It’s the term I use to better frame the totality of digital systems and social media in the context of how they see the world and what it is they seek to do to ours. For people who may be unaware, I had a career in digital media and publisher strategy before doing whatever it is you call what I’m doing now. And I’ve long been interested in that overlap between communication and magic.

These posts weave all of that together. And it’s necessary to continue the revisitations with this series next, because it gives us the context for why probably the rest of the revisitations won’t be found on YouTube.

NOTE: Last week's revisitation didn't push out an MP3 file, so this week you are getting two. Add them together and it's almost a podcast!